Robins Pin Cushion

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

Diplolepis rosae
Mature Gall on Dog Rose

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia – Phylum: Arthropoda – Class: Insecta – Order: Hymenoptera – Family: Cynipidae – Genus: Diplolepis – Species: rosae. Binomial name Diplolepis rosae(Linnaeus, 1758) The rose bedeguar gall, Robin’s pincushion gall, or moss gall develops as a chemically induced distortion of an unopened leaf axillary or terminal buds, mostly on field rose (Rosa arvensis) or dog rose (Rosa canina) shrubs, caused by the parthenogenetic hymenopteran gall wasp (Diplolepis rosae (Linnaeus, 1758)), previous synonyms are D. bedeguaris, Rhodites rosae or Cynips rosae. Diplolepis females lay up to 60 eggs within each leaf bud using their ovipositors. The asexual wasp emerges in spring; less than 1% are males. A similar gall is caused by Diplolepis mayri, but this is much less common.

Diplolepis rosae – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia
Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge


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  1. Cee Neuner says:

    Wonderful for odd balls. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MickETalbot says:

      Many thanks, appreciated.


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