Global Warming – Warning

The old cliché, ‘Life is to short to worry about it’, for an individual that is indeed a fact. For all of mankind it would seem that nothing has changed. It really is time we all take heed, ice caps melting, glaciers retreating, unprecedented weather conditions, all as a result of CO2, it is a fact.

Okay, I rant on about it all the time, the reasons that I do are many fold. The main one being, is that when I broach the subject amongst my friends they look at me as though I am off my head, yet they read, and listen to the same news as I do. There are also a good few of them that watch the many wildlife documentaries, all of which never fail to mention the on going concerns of global warming. Some of my friends even suggest that it is a conspiracy by governments, and business’s based on monetary gain, whatever, the end result, global warming.

There are many web sites that cover the topic, I will be adding them to this feature as and when. For starters:

The Telegraph
Global Warming Effects and Causes: A Top 10 List
We’ve destroyed 1/10th of Earth’s wilderness in just 2 decades
Mail Online – Survival of the smallest: Bigger sea creatures will die out first if Earth experiences a sixth mass extinction

Out of Sync

Out of sync September 22nd 2016
Hazel Catkins –  Corylus sp.

A late blooming, or out of sync? For those that don’t know Hazel is an early flowering shrun/tree. Depicted here are the male catkins, which usually appear in early spring before leaf burst. Female flowers are very small and largely concealed in the buds, with only the bright-red, 1-to-3 mm-long styles visible, and usually appear a little time after the males. I have checked and have found none. This anomaly is  exasperated in two ways the first that it is happening and secondly Its not the whole shrub that is involved, just the one branch on all its near apical branch-lets. The latter belays my thought that it my be out of sync seasonally. I am now leaning toward a genetic problem, unless the rest of it decides to play catch up, I’ll update as and when.

Dilemmas: Read More


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