I have to admit that I do find some abstract art very artistic, and pleasing to the eye, but the majority in my opinion are daubes. I watched a documentary on Australian abstract painters last night, and if it hadn’t shown some of the artists in action, I would of sworn they had used their canvases for cleaning themselves up before leaving the bathroom! Seriously, if, as an unknown artist I had been given the opportunity to present any such work to the Royal Academy of Art for an appraisal,  they probably would of, in the politest of terms, told me to go away, oh, and leave your work in the bin by the exit. This is not what I watched last night,  but it will give one an sight to where I am coming from. Some of the works by some of the artist are what I would call impressionist paintings, but hey what do I know?  The site, if you haven’t already checked it out is “Abstract Australis“, well worth a look.

One of my bird water colours

Feed on a suet mix
Greats Tits




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