Daily Post: Silence Abandoned

Mute Swans
Silence Abandoned


Mute Swans – Silence Abandoned

Nesting on Lincoln University campus grounds, a short distance from the bank of the Brayford Pool. Most definitely not the quietist nest site selected in this instance. At various times through out the day it is thronging with students toing and froing although I doubt if many take the path on left.

Mute Swans
Silence Abandoned

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The mute swan (Cygnus olor) is a species of swan and a member of the waterfowl family Anatidae. It is native to much of Europe and Asia, and (as a rare winter visitor) the far north of Africa. It is an introduced species in North America, Australasia and southern Africa. The name ‘mute’ derives from it being less vocal than other swan species. Measuring 125 to 170 cm (49 to 67 in) in length, this large swan is wholly white in plumage with an orange beak bordered with black. It is recognisable by its pronounced knob atop the beak, which is larger in males.

Daily Post Prompts: Silence


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