Daily Prompt Hike – Miles of Smiles

Miles of Smiles

Oh I have hiked many, many, miles, but sadly I can’t no more

Sure  I can still walk a mile or two, but my hips  get very sore.

I still do go on nature forays, a slow hike out, a slower one back.

But oft it is my garden now, for natures beauty it does not lack.

I’ve watched ants hike 5 meters, such amazing little creatures

Larvae hiking up vertical walls, hesitation? No, not at all feature

Their reward for their endeavours, to metamorphose, as they do

To butterflies, and moths too, in colours of many beautiful hues.

Well my reward for all my many, many miles of perambulating

Are memories of many miles of smiles, and nature, so educating.

Well I’ve inspired myself, and I am sincerely hoping all of you too

To don our boots, come on, you too, for a hike is a long time overdue.

…………………………………………………………Mick Talbot 2016

Daily Prompt: Hike


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