Pretend for children to make them happy, and get a laugh

Pretend for a prank, but don’t lead them up a wrong path

Pretend if that’s what it takes to keep the World in peace

Pretend not that it is true, if hate and war it doth increase

..Pretend only if you must, and only if the reason is truly just

Pretend to your loved ones if it means they will all be safe

Pretend to you’re enemies, but not just to save ones face

.Pretend if that is what is required for the battling to cease

Pretend not to your good friends, nor acquaintances too..

……Pretend not to let them know that they have pretended to you

Pretend via camouflage avoiding  hurting any of your friends

…..Pretend with a white lie if to peace, and goodwill, its self lends

………Pretend not forever what ever the case or cause could possibly be

.Pretend no more just to better ones self, let the truth be out

………..Pretend no more let it be out, no more lies of that there’s no doubt

……………………………………..Mick E Talbot 2016

Daily Post: Prompt: Pretend

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