Boultham Park & Lake – October 2016

Was going for another walk in the park today, unfortunately rain stopped play…

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A small flock of 8, a mixed bunch of adults and this years immature ducklings. Not always present, but fairly frequent visitors.

Canada Goose

Very rarely absent from the lake, and can be present in flocks of 20+, today however only 6+.

Mute Swan’s

The resident pair. I didn’t see ether of the 2 cygnets that survived the summer, if they indeed they did?


Always a large presence of mallard on the lake, a lot of hybrids too.


Several pairs of moorhens resident on the lake. Only spotted the one juvenile.


Several coot on the lake, as winter encroaches there is likely to be more than 60+ individuals.

Blackheaded Gull

As the colder weather progresses these will gather in number until such time as they will out number the mallard. The only reason for their presence at all is the fact that everyday, without fail, folk…

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  1. All excellent photos! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. MickETalbot says:

      Thank you for your coment!

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