45 Minutes in My Garden

Garden Safari

After doing a few chores, a half hour safari,

Apart from my family I don’t personally know of anybody else who plays at rock balancing. None of them, or myself, have managed 3 high, still trying though.


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  1. cristina61 says:

    Lovely insect macro shots! As to the rock balancing, I’ve seen a bit of that when hiking in areas that have been heavily dredged; I even considered writing a blog post on the subject but never got around to it.

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    1. MickETalbot says:

      Thanks for the complement, appreciated. On the topic of rock balancing, it always intrigued me, and it was only this year I had ago. As said other members of my family have be at it for several years. Took me a few, no, a good many attempts before I got the knack, now I can do it with in seconds. Its the multi balanced stacks that have me stumped. I’m thinking I might have use bigger rocks, we’ll see.

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