Ketty (Life of Deaf girl)

So ashamed, for this is as much as I can do, hope all goals are achieved!, best wishes,



Blog Introduction:

This is a blog originally set up as a fundraising venture for this deaf girl, Ketty. Now it’s also interest stories about life in one of the poorest parts of the world, not to arouse sadness for people’s plight, more to show that although there’s hardship that we in richer countries can’t imagine, there’s also a richness to a simple life that we’ve lost.


Ketty lives in Eastern Province, Zambia. She’s was six years old when I met her in January 2016. Diagnosed as ‘profoundly deaf’ since birth, she needs, specialist education. We’re in luck. Zambia i…

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    1. MickETalbot says:

      Your truly welcome!

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  1. Ulingana says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my project. I wish you all the best, Tony

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