Inspired by a posting by: Ron DuBour | October 22, 2016

We Are The Same

If we were all different, life would not be the same
But, the truth is we are all different, indeed that’s all too plain
We fight, and kill each other, then try to pass the blame.
And there are those amongst us who blatantly thrive on pain.
There’s those that invoke bad feelings, what do they stand to gain?
Armies blindly follow egotistical maniac’s, someone, please explain.
Err it be conjecture, a positive discovery, or is it all too profane.
For it’s only looks, and feelings, that scientists can ordain
The 2 reasons, we put ourselves under pressure, unnecessary strain.
So what is this discovery that to all human life can appertain?
Only Homo sapiens, out of 18 humanoid species, only we remain.
Joy and comfort seeking, should now and forever be our only aim.
We’ve got to learn to swim together, drown, it will be forever, all in vain!

What is it that connects all?
A tiny gene, oh so, so small.
It is found in all, our DNA,
Listen carefully, hear it say
“We are all the SAME”!!!!!

by Mick E Talbot © 2016

Our Poets Corner | Immigrants by

“We Are The Same” lyrics – KENNY ROGERS via MOldie Lyrics.Com

I am you, you are me We are the same We are the same My heart is yours Your heart is mine They’re the same They’re the same We don’t have to say a word

Mick – Anon…


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  1. Yes… and we are each other (including nature).

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