Sold on, but not Forgotten

Dedicated to Tom

Sold on after many years of giving us pleasure, unfortunately his screaming in his last year with us became unbearable. One of us had to be in his sight at all times, or else! Apart from the screaming, he was a joy, his mimicking was amazing! His vocalizations repertoire was extensive, so good it had my wife, and myself unknowingly talking to it in the belief that we were talking to our grandson.  Nothing fantastic, just a simple yes or no in reply to questions. An example: Me, giving Jordon. my grandson a shout to confirm whether he was home or not. I most point out that Charlie lived in the lounge, I was in the hallway shouting upstairs to Jordon.

Me: Jordon!

Charlie: Yes

Me: Could you come down a minute?

Charlie:  Yes

Me: Okay

Charlie: Okay

Me: 15 minutes later, from the lounge: JORDON!

Charlie: Yes.

Me:  Charlie, you little b-gger.

Charlie: Charlie’s a good boy!

Me: Chuckling to myself… Of course you are.

Not the first time we’d  had that type of exchange.  Anyway went upstairs to check that all was well with Jordon to find that he had again gone out with out letting someone know.



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  1. They are very social and intelligent animals. A radio or small tv could have possibly helped stop the screaming some. One of our two birds calls for me, at times, saying “Tom, come here; Tom, Tom.” My wife says it sounds like i have two wives! It’s not excessive, though, and is usually for a good reason. The other parrot, a Yellow Nape Amazon, is extremely intelligent. I played a rerun of America’s got Talent for them… and said to Tweetie, “Could you sing like that and win a million dollars?” She replied, “Probably not!” I then said, “Well we don’t need to be greedy and we don’t need to want more and more and still more.” She said, “I do!” 🙂

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    1. Mick Talbot says:

      We tried all sorts, ended up covering him up with a blanket, meaning the cage not him. Considering the latter as being a bit unfair we sold him to a breeder, and as far as I aware he’s doing well.

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  2. Good… other birds take away the desire for human attention… that’s for sure! 🙂

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