Daily Prompt: Copycats are everywhere

A legal form of plagiarism, oh yeah!

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

roschti and appleRene MargritteThere was a well known Begian painter that painted pictures of gentlemen with bowler hats and an apple in front of their face, René Margritte. I do not know what the message was he was telling us. Perhaps we should be careful when we ate an apple, as someone might be looking. His paintings fascinated me, so what he can do I can as well, just a matter of using the imagination. Mr. Swiss does not own a bowler hat, so I had to improvise. I asked the feline next door, Roschti, and he co-operated. I had a few photos. Everyone has an apple and so I decided to copy Margritte. I did not have such success as he did, but I am convinced my copy is even better. There was even a blue sky to complete the work of art. Thanks to photo shop, everything is possible. On the…

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  1. Dom Webster says:

    My working theory is he was a psychic and wanted to warn us about apple.

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