Recent Lincolnshire Earthquakes

2008 February 27 at 00:56:47

I honestly cant remember anything for that time , but  there were some 9 after shocks, so possibly a late early morning tremor had me saying something  that all couples would,  and often do say after making love. What was even more funnier was my dearest collected cuddly toys, (teddy bears and the like), which I hung from our bedroom ceiling, some 50 odd, suspended on a cord 30 CM in length. Yep, they were all dancing , and of course what did I say, you’ve got it, “I think we made the earth move this time”, we both laughed ourselves silly. Then later on that day we heard on the news that it was 5.4 on the Richter scale and apart from the dancing cuddles we’d of been none the wiser. Check Wikipedia

January 28 2015 at 10:48 PM

Lincoln about 37.5 KM from the epicentre.  I was just having a break from editing my days photo shoot. Sat on the sofa by myself as the wife was having an early night. A cuppa to hand, when all of a sudden the house shook, enough to make ornaments fall. My first thought was a tremor, and before I could stand up, another, both lasting ~2 seconds. My wife shouted down with a kind of what you done now voice,  and before I could answer my next-door neighbour came running in asking the same question. What they were thinking, I hadn’t a clue, I just shouted it was an earthquake, outside now! As soon as we were out, there was like state of panic on the street, people shouting kids screaming, me, scared for sure, but just wanted to let everyone know to get out, and away from the houses. As was I need not of bothered for nothing more happened, accept me asking the question of my wife and my neighbour as to what they thought I might of done, their answer, blown myself up?  We laugh about it now, but  hopefully next time it happens, if were lucky we will all be out of our respective houses, no questions asked. The site the LINCOLNITE carried the news.





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