An addiction to nature a hope for peace

Belligerent people be gone, or just cease

Calls for war, and hate to forever refrain

Discrimination, not heard of, ever again.

Excel, let us all, in being exceedingly good

Feel, empathy for all the misunderstood.

Gregarious by nature we’ve always been

High-rise to bungalows the modern day scene.

Independent’s, there will be many of that ilk

Jostling with nature to produce veg and milk

Keeping livestock for pleasure, and yes meat.

Life, ours, and many more, nurtured by farmers

Much of life depends on these likeable charmers

Not forgetting there are those in most cities

Ordinary, extraordinary, many incredibly witty.

Practitioners, as in Doctors, Scientists, too.

Quintessential to all, so we can carry on through

Reassured, by our Deities, no need for despair.

Success now guaranteed, now that we all care.

To keep peace forever in ourselves we must trust

Understand that all life before, was, for all unjust

Victory now, meaningful, no fighting, no wars

Wickedness banished, no unjustified laws

Xenodochial traits must now be our future

Yes, applicable to all, for were now a new culture.

Zap wow, what was that, my alarm, my dream at an end.

©Mick Talbot 2016

Irene Waters actually inspired this work, for which I’m most grateful.


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  1. Mick that is great. Glad I inspired you to give it a go. Peace for all would be fantastic. Pity your poem was a dream.

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    1. Mick Talbot says:

      Thanks Irene, must confess I always thought that taking any word in this format was a form of abecedarian writing, apparently not. Anyway thanks for the inspiration, really enjoyed the challenge. Re the ending, my sentiment too, it has happen though. Take care,

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      1. No you are right. What you have done is most definitely acededarian writing. Anything that gets us trying something new has to be good. Jules just took it one step further on and I had to try it. Very difficult. I loved your poem though. Thanks Mick. Cheers Irene

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      2. Mick Talbot says:

        All interesting and challenging stuff, catch you later 😉


    1. Mick Talbot says:

      Many thanks. appreciated!

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  2. Mick Talbot says:

    If ones not looking then the eyes cant see.
    An error, until this moment, has eluded me,
    But now its stirring me into putting it right.
    Do you change a dream? Perhaps tonight,
    But if I hadn’t looked, I would not of seen.
    So, no, I’m not going to spoil the dream.
    For as things are, sadly, its the only time
    When I find sleep induced peace, so sublime,
    And if I had the power that I find in dreams
    Peace we’d find in all of Earths realms
    But as I am now, so wide, wide awake,
    I beg humanity, please don’t peace forsake.
    For if were not looking then we wont see
    That bad, and the hate, are all unnecessary.
    So dreams apart I wish peace, good will to all
    Let us all make for the good, let us all stand tall!
    ©Mick Talbot 2016

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