If ones not looking then the eyes cant see.
An error, until this moment, has eluded me,
But now its stirring me into  putting it right.
Do you change a dream? Perhaps tonight,
But if I hadn’t looked, I would not of seen.
So, no, I’m not going to spoil the dream.
For as things are, sadly, its the only time
When I find sleep induced peace, so sublime,
And if I had the power that I find in dreams
Peace we’d find in all of Earths realms
But as I am now, so wide, wide awake,
I beg humanity, please don’t peace forsake.
For if were not looking then we wont see
That bad, and the hate, are all unnecessary.
So dreams apart  I wish peace, good will to all
Let us all make for the good, let us all stand tall!
©Mick Talbot 2016
Inspired by an error in my poem ‘My ABCEDARIUS Dream

Language of the roses | Peach rose

Bloggers For Peace


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    1. Mick Talbot says:

      Many thanks Anna C.


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