Another Abecedarian Sequence

Another ABCEDARIUS Dream

A heartbeat away,  so you said.

Blushed from toes, up to my head.

Coy, from the first day I met you

Didn’t think first love would be true

Expecting you were going to stay

Frantic you were going away

Going far? I felt I should ask.

Hoping I heard her correctly

I could not ask her so directly

Just a heartbeat away, I said, you said

Keeping the worse thought in my head

Looking, watching her lips form the words

Me, feeling frightened, terrified, scared

Now thinking I had not even been heard

Opened her mouth, and then she kissed me

Pleased, and I’m sure that she could see

Quite how, much my mind couldn’t say

Realised I’m creating a not needed dilemma

Sell yourself, so come on, and go tell her.

Tell her, you thought that she was leaving.

Understand, she must know how I’m feeling.

Very sweetly,  explain your heart is aflame

With love. So take her aside and explain,

Xenodochial is my nature, love, a feeling new.

Zing, zing, zing, another dream just blew

© Mick Talbot 2016

Featured Image | Red Rose


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