Our Future or Not

Our Future or Not

Personally I’ve never been a material man
I live my life as best, and as fast as I can
Now the future of our planet, that affects us all
We all dance to a tune that government’s call
Were the conductors, we should not pretend
Together, as one, their folly we could end.
Take time out, and contemplate, I pray!
What affects our future, we can all have a say.
On the future of humanity, the human race.
For the way things are we’ve no future to face.
The future I refer to is not one of tomorrows,
But of years filled with joy, and no more sorrows.
Our children’s future, the way it surly must be
Exploding with happiness, their lives full of glee!
Now back to the present, this moment in time.
Your sentiments are, an exact copy of mine.
I share all my good times with family, and friends,
And they share with me their feeling, and trends.
Whether they with me agree, or indeed I with any
My views on life persist, are varied, and many,
But its a question to me of what needs are a must.
Some bad, some good, and there’s the unjust
Choices, choices, so many we all have to face
Is there one that we could with the future embrace?
Yeah there is one that comes to my mind.
Yeah! Peace for the world, let us all be kind!
Surely the future must be one of goodwill!
So lets all start this journey, all be it up hill.
I’m sure its trials and tribulations will be many.
If things stay as is, re the future, none, not any.
So yes believe in oneself, appreciate your friends,
Empathise with strangers, let us make it a trend
© Mick Talbot 2016

Inspired by avocado sucker | quick ramble | i’m guilty of this too, oops



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    1. Mick Talbot says:

      Glad you like it, many thanks for the inspiration, and for dropping in, your comment too.

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