Global Warming

Global Warming Alters Arctic Food Chain, Scientists Say, With Unforeseeable Results

A bloom of algae near Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean. The ocean’s levels of algae have rapidly increased. Credit M. Kahru    


THE NEW YORK TIMES For the full story.


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  1. annwjwhite says:

    Algae blooms will lead to a bloom of the blooming catfish which lurk at the bottoms of rivers trying to clean up after us. Changing and warming climates will also lead to melting of our future water sources, which when gone, are gone. Pure water will become salt water which will result in decrease of availability. The whole ignorance of the public in the face of scientific proof that we are influencing and changing the world’s climate is frustrating beyond belief. When we get to the point of being “Too LATE” I wonder what all of those people will say then. Caring for our entire planet is a theme that started in the 1960s but those voices seem muted. I haven’t forgotten the images of rivers on fire, or that Superior had become so toxic with tailing waste from iron mines that fish were gone, or the DDT scare which turned out to be scarier than predicted, or the three legged frog mutations.

    I have hope that some who were labeled as crazy but succeed in changing outcomes for the positive, like the guy in Africa who imported bushes, then trees, then a garden near the termite fields and developed a strategy that his whole village is using now to combat the harsh changes in the landscape there, successfully bringing new ideas that augment the harvests of the land. He brought a way to save the water.

    Keep pointing these things out Mick. I’m listening.

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    1. Mick Talbot says:

      Many thanks for your very interesting reply Ann, and yes I’m always on the lookout for info on the wellbeing of our planet. Making, or helping folk to understand, (along with many others), has become very important to me. Thanks again, take care,



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