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About us

Christmas gift guide now available!

Take a look at our Christmas gift guide for inspiration. You can support our conservation work this Christmas with these bumblebee friendly gift ideas. Christmas zone

Our projects

Learn about our current projects, including Bee Wild West Wales, plus our new and exciting project ‘Pollinating the Peak’. Read more on how you can support these projects.

Give a Christmas gift that lasts the whole year!

Give a gift membership this year and help save the sound of summer, starting in Winter! To read more, visit gift membership. Last posting date is Friday 16 December 2016.


Become a BeeWalker

Bumblebees are declining across the country (we’ve already lost two species), and to better understand the reasons why, we need data – lots of data. You can help…

About us

Find out about our aims, meet our team and learn about the organisations that fund our activities.

About bees

Bumblebees are fascinating creatures. Find out more about their lives and learn how to identify them.

Get involved

It is easy to help bumblebees! Why not garden, manage your land, take part in a survey or volunteer? We make it easy…

Support us

Your support is vital. This section tells you how to join the Trust, make a donation or buy a gift.

Join BBCT for as little as £1 per month and help support us.

Ever wondered how to identify different types of bumblebee?

Enjoy bee-friendly gardening – on any budget!

Bumble kids



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