❤Another Treble & Haikus 5+1❤

Second Treble


Haiku 1

Balancing, an act

Of nature, well not  this time

The pleasure is mine


Haiku 2

A second ago,

There was just the single one,

Now three, treble done.


Haiku 3

Balancing nature

How it should always be, yes,

And it was so for me.


Haiku 4

Rocks, three can they be

Balanced by nature, no by me

My second treble


Haiku 5

Now here’s one for all

Balancing three a treble

Make it a delight


Haikus 5 Not Planed but This 1 Is

Five haikus tumble

From my old, and withered hand,

Truly, not as planed

❄ All ❄

❄ new to me ❄

❄ I must confess ❄

❄ I hope they all past the test ❄

❄ For my part I have honestly tried ❄

❄ To follow advice which Ronovan supplied ❄

❄ The syllables per line 5. 7, 5 I found relatively easy ❄

❄ But making two lines be come one, hard, yes, but pleased me

Now feed back I do anticipate

Critiques please, and don’t hesitate

I want to learn and be so, so as wise

So feel free, but please don’ patronise

❤⛄ ❤



2 Comments Add yours

    1. Mick Talbot says:

      Thanks Anna, a learning curve, enjoying it though!

      Liked by 1 person

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