Look Up | Tanka

mobile phone addiction

Look up take notice
The hole the door a lamppost
To late in coma
Facing fighting a slow death
Look up while you have a life

Look up take notice, the hole, the door, a lamppost, to late in coma.

To late, in coma, facing, fighting a slow death, look up while you have a life.

Inspired by

Dream Big, Dream Often

Protect Mother Earth | Tanka

protect mother earth
i do do you it needs help
its atmosphere air
it sustains all worldly life
no more pollutants do care


Protect Mother Earth, I do, do you, it needs help, its atmosphere, air.
Its atmosphere, air, it sustains all worldly life, no more pollutants, do care!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mick Talbot says:

    Thank you, on both counts I think


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