My Art | Netherland Dwarf Magazine

Dwarf Sketch


Dwarf Magazine Cover

Netherland Dwarf | Tanka

a Netherland dwarf
a wild rabbit cross Polish
represent species
colours of much larger breeds
giants now in the fancy


Netherland Dwarf | Poem

A Netherland dwarf, a wild rabbit cross Polish, represent species.
Represent species, colours of much larger breeds, giants now in the fancy.


The sketch was drawn, as can be seen, for the cover of the magazine. The magazine, ‘Dwarf’, was published and edited by a friend, (at the time),  and myself. Printed by the, ‘Braford Press’, Lincoln GB, sorry to say it folded many years ago. The concept was mine based on lack of articles, and news of the Netherland Dwarf rabbit  in the ‘Fur & Feather”* magazine at that time. It ran for 2 years, covered news from ND clubs, their show dates and results. Articles on various aspects of the ND fancy  such as tips on producing show quality stock, as well as program data on breeding new verities, my main contribution. Of course there were the inevitable adverts as well, mainly breeding studs advertising the stock  they had for sale. Anyway cutting a long story short, it all came to an end when my friend, and co-editor decided to call it a day. A sad day for me, and maybe the ND fancy too.

Divider ornament.png

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit



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