An Anthology of Tanki

Mick Talbot
© 2016/17


from the beginning a connection


the end

from the beginning
to the end it will surely
come the connection of sticking to convictions
believe in what we believe


in the hot kitchen
baking cakes fruit pies tarts bread
empty box plates
dirty dishes dishwasher
all cleaned sparkling dazzling bright
mysterious day
happenings where every where
blue leaved trees red
elephants drinking wine
mushrooms not ever
a heart warming taste
in my mouth swilling it round
the kiss on taste buds
sweetness determined drained
no more inebriated
wife shouts wake up
taste the air of the new day
the tender kiss life
abounds free confined by
man to view and free this day
kiss she did my eyes
waking tenderly from my sleep
a sight to behold
my wife a taste that thrills  me
to day and forever and ever
thoughts linger to day
past events come to the fore
reacting always
the kiss the taste our wedding
joys of our life together
my wife our life us
together still we find love
a taste a sweet kiss
to day forevermore our
love excellence is achieved
a new light shines through
darkness divided today
new llfe is growing
a new adventure for Kirk
in space he will transcend
A new light shines through darkness, divided, for today, new life is.
Today, new life is a new adventure for Kirk, in space he will transcend.
 my first daughter said
she will visit today my
sublime interiors of
my room its glory explored
to kiss or not to
a question no need to ask
for we have tasted
lust inhibitions revoked
toking not to be ignored
long time ago some
I have observed for I was
there do no doubt me
I heard the man he got up
shouting glory a new king

believe in what YOU believe



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