Nature Lessons 119

I agree, nature is the boss of all bar us humans. However I like to think that the majority of the worlds human population would, as we all did many thousands of years ago, and that is abide by its laws. There are still a few communities (albeit, in isolation) that do live by natures laws, but they are all the time under pressure from the, “Civilised World”, so called. Unscrupulous governments and businesses who seem to be in denial of the fact that deforestation, air and sea pollution,* are having an ever increasing detrimental effect on climate warming which in turn is natures way of fighting back. That is the war we all should be fighting and unless we win the battle in giving nature back its powers it will defeat us. Steven Hawkins the human race will be extinct with in a thousand years, that’s as things are. However should the chance that world war 3 comes to fruition then less then 25’000 years is, it seems, the general consensus among scientist, although you’ll never get one to openly admit it.

People might term what I’ve just written as scaremongering, there the ones in denial. Look around, icecaps, glaciers melting, unprecedented weather conditions, fauna and flora extinctions, both terrestrial, and aquatic.
* Apart from the effects of the already mentioned, the wars, on going human conflicts, are only speeding up the inevitable extinction of the human race. It all has to stop as there will only be one winner, NATURE. So yes, we all have our time to shine, please let that be now, and maybe, just may be, we might save the future of the human race. With much respect to you and all who read this,



Nature welcomes each season, change is inevitable and each season brings with it something new.  Nature bows gracefully to the new season, plants and flowers fall in death to nourish the earth, making way for new life, some will step aside as if suspended until a time of renewal.  We all have our time to shine on earth, let it mean something. 

~ Liza 


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