A fictional tale of unrequited love in haiku format. I don’t know if it is the done thing, so if I am breaking any rule I need to know, please. However I am sure I have read that haikui* were passed between lovers ether directly, or via a third party. So imagine these haikui were found after the event, and basically allude to a young ladies love that was all a dream. No more to say ere I’ll spoil it.

All the haikui were inspired by two bloggers, of which I do follow, and who follow me. I am not going to name them but there are clues, a challenge for readers, and the guilty two, (just in case the latter is misinterpreted, I  do mean guilty, as in the two who are directly, or indirectly responsible for inspiring me). Who are you/they?

* Haikui, plural of haiku, haikus is, so I have read, incorrect.


goodbye not ever
my love will stay in your dreams
until i return
time to say goodbye
breaks my heart it is bleeding
needing to return
a true love you me
if i need to you will know
broken love not so
broken love not so
have I said goodbye not so
true love so we are
you kiss not true love
why do you always tell lies
broke my heart again
i cry loud farewells
our love goes separate ways
cry no more for me
borderline the edge
between split dichotomy
are we not just one
apart two are we
together love begs mercy
compromise we must
only true love prevails
along a double pathway
see a break turn back
in pain you hurt me
leave him now I claimed you first
break please do reverse
why break separate
I love you my mate my life
we husband and wife
i hurt you hurt too
let our love find a true path
no hate no wrath gone
loves waiting look out
it beckons you it beckons
you are blind and deaf
i bleed words read me
love flows fast from me trembling
have you deceived me
words leave my fingers
i leave them on the paper
i beg no i plead
now I resort to
a blade sharp sharp steel can i
did i come find out
to late could not wait
my blood you see tells a truth
will you cry false tears
last haiku for you
last wish for i am free
do not cry a lie


Image: I could not get access to the site/author I have the link as follows:

Perfection Love99 BlogSpot


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