An Haikui – Senryui – Anthology


Another attempt at haiku and senryu. I know there are many of you out there in cyber space who have light years of experience in the composing of haiku and senryu, I would love some constructed critiques from you, please.

A Haiku – Senryu Anthology


Mick Talbot

birds of a feather
we truly are both moulded
sparking  flames fired


moorland strife
natural flash fires
natures cooking
birds of a feather
a lesson for man
supposedly intelligent
one of a kind
are birds of a feather
putin may trump
the moorland alive
the death toll heightens
despicable shooters
moorland bounty
berries fungi deer birds
fear hounds them all
hunter gatherers
relying on nature to live
short memories confounded
putin may trump
birds ready for cooking
the worlds oven ready
putin may trump
the bathrooms ready
please do drop in
faces all glazed
putin may trump
staring into the void
angels lay down
soft clouds transporters
new lands don’t dismiss
holy night silent night
someone is not telling the truth
bells ringing ln the sky
tonight be jolly
tra la a la la la la
have a humbug
l love Christmas
may trump and putin too
make goodwill a gift
my words i will not
once layed on paper scrap
inspirations kept
i thank all kindly
folk for how they inspired
bespoke  haiku words
All by Mick Talbot © 2016/17

Partly inspired by drycrikjournal

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