MY SENRYU ATTEMPTSdivider-s-500x117
i laughed
at the jokes
i lieddivider-s-500x117

autumn teases
pleasing most of the time
life is fadingdivider-s-500x117
now is life. .
live for it
laugh every minutedivider-s-500x117
i arrived home
washed and dressed
night out on the towndivider-s-500x117
why cant i sleep
my libido rifedivider-s-500x117
my passion
practical jokes
its on your nosedivider-s-500x117
smile you will
not be alone
where are youdivider-s-500x117
do not ponder death
it will come soon enough
hello hello wake updivider-s-500x117
secrete of the day
do you want to know
you  you morondivider-s-500x117
do not call me names
today I won the lottery
you stupid persondivider-s-500x117
why is life like that
always the same
okay i will changedivider-s-500x117
I bought a cake
can not eat it
how does that cliché godivider-s-500x117

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