Unanswered Questions


Mick Talbot

often wondered why
answers havr eluded me
enigmas alldivider-s-500x117

life an enigma
how can it be resolved
try the librarydivider-s-500x117

love an enigma
how can it be resolved
find the right onedivider-s-500x117

Donald Trump
wise no to be questioned
an enigmadivider-s-500x117

name an enigma
easy a Donald Trump
correct answerdivider-s-500x117

the universe
a never ending journey
multi enigmasdivider-s-500x117

multi enigmas
to many all unexplained
Putin May and Trumpdivider-s-500x117

natures enigmas
battles of unresolved time
evolutions realdivider-s-500x117

natural enigmas
are there any to question
staring at the starsdivider-s-500x117

All by Mick Talbot © 2016/17



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anna Cottage says:

    Do you think I am an enigma? I love staring at the Stars, and always get my answers. The brightest Star in the Sky is someone you love and who has your heart, that Star is always yours, believe me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mick Talbot says:

      Were all enigmas, waiting to be solved, to myself I’m still a puzzle, with a few pieces missing too. Only ever favoured one star, Doris Day, and I cant remember if she went super novae. She did on the big screen, in life ?


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