Missed and a View

Senryu  Haiku and a Tanka


Mick Talbot

~~~~ * ~~~~

Sadly Missed and Pink Skies

glorious summer
wildflower meadows dancing
George Michael tribute
a summer night
the milky way unfolds
David Bowie sings
night of summer
jazz swings a lady sings
Amy Winehouse gone
summer colours
purple rain a jazz refrain
wonders of a Prince
spring to winter
his Irish charm dulcet voice
Terry Wogan host
Status Quo summers
explosive Glastonbury
Rick Parfitt sad loss
faulty towers
hotel full of laughter joy
Andrew Sachs deceased
a man divided
had it all then lost the plot
Pete Burns good but sad
a lady of film
a picture of beauty
Zsa Zsa Gabor
a lady of film
a beauty full of desire
hot Zsa Zsa Gabor
sisters love oft disputed
died much hate all refuted
A lady of film, a beauty, full of desire, hot Zsa Zsa Gabor.
Sisters love oft disputed, died, much hate, all refuted.
pinks of many hues
views morn and of dusk beware
woe at first nights lust
glancing out pink sky
beautiful not to be missed
must clean the window
star wars fantasy
fiction that must stay that way
Carrie Fisher rest
my heart beating in time
Queen played on a tribute show
Freddie Mercury
small a giant hid
a humorous Barker missed
Ronnie rest in peace
unsinkable gone
daughter now mother—Debbie
Reynolds—sadly missed
marvel—not a lot
Paul Daniels
a comedienne
actress singer songwriter,
Victoria Wood
my condolences
to all concerned for life
resting in peace
A Monoku
in remembrance of those our lives enhanced – let them rest in peace
Inspired by  Missing You: palmwriting
All © Mick Talbot 2016/17


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