A Monoku Anthology

A Monoku Anthology


Mick Talbot


love yourself to know –  memories all of your very own
memories of the moment – my one love has lost her way
Christmas day boxing day done – new year happiness and fun
winter garden looking worse for ware –  hedgehogs fast asleep
one more day so lucky  –  presents for all my life to come
protect mother earth love nurturer her – i do do you
wild birds looking so hungry – cats don’t starve in winter time
frogs are croaking jumping for joy – an early spring again
the master practice makes perfect –  me i’m just having fun
a hobby self indulgence – play so much more fun for all
you guilty of self indulgence – my poetry my plight
speak your mind should you need – don’t forget indulge others too
abeyance unknown time – why procrastinate do it now

All on this page © Mick Talbot 2016/17

Footnote: Not new to poetry, however the Japanese styles have me hooked. Unfortunately and with much respect, I have found controversy is rampant. Albeit all authors do agree on the origins,  but all the do’s and don’ts  and other aspects seem to be all over the place. As is the case with one line haiku, monoku. A normal haiku consist  of three lines in 5-7-5 syllable format, and the general consensus holds to that with a proviso that each line can be lees, fine until one finds experienced authors exceeding/breaking a basic rule. Back to monoku, based on the 3 line haiku the guide lines, in general concur, with 17* or less for the syllable count. In my research endeavours I come across monoku of up to 26 syllables, scratches head, then moves on only to find that there is a lot about monoku that needs ratifying. There was one anomaly I came across that was the apparent dropping of monoku with  a preference for ‘One liners’, irreverent I think as the phrase is normally associated comedic jokes, that is not to say humour cant be found in a monoku.

* I must confess that I had the number 14 in my head whilst composing the above, but if the same rule that applies to the 3 line format  then I think I have no need to worry, unless of course someone knows different.
NB Critiques most welcome.

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  1. Anna Cottage says:

    All I know is, I like what you put out. Mick, all the very best.

    Liked by 1 person

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