My Daily Haiku #10

Daily Haiku


Mick Talbot



Both Just Move Around
does the light go out
darkness does it ever end
both just move around
From East To The West
from east to the west
nature does what it does best
moves the light around
Non Discriminating Hues
morning night time too
non discriminating hues
black and white both shared
Trials And Tribulations
life’s thrills and spills
trials and tribulations
take it as it comes
Nature Just Turned On
nature just turned on
robin singing anticipation
spring will not be long
Ponds Rippling Music
another night overcast
no wind no moon rain plopping
ponds rippling music
Natures Happy Tears
water fall rushing
crescendoing roars its song
natures happy tears
rapids in full spate
salmon swim upstream to mate
hungry bears fishing
no joke
tis the time no joke
natures clutching on to hope
is there salvation
All © Mick Talbot


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