My Daily Haiku #12

Daily Haiku


Mick Talbot



My Wishes
I surrender all
my wishes—I could give more
earth needs needs our care
Utopia Found
lost in paradise
lose your hearts—take good advice
utopia found
Evolutions Real
new life not yet born
earth the womb—procreates all
evolutions real
Are We All Sinners
do we believe all
hate—war—God’s retributions
are we all sinners
Ousted Bad
from the beginning
good has prevailed—ousted bad
look forward knowing
Life Needs Compassion
if you believe pray
today—always—to heal wounds
life needs compassion
Make Peace
miracles are real
everyday happening’s—love
prayers answered—make peace
You Do Care
find my haiku good
not boring then you do care
my heart felt warnings
Could Be
love to say pouring’s
it felt that way too—it did
no future—could be
All © Mick Talbot 2017

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