A Fishy Tale | Haibun

My first blog published haibun, using  this  format, please be critical with critiques, please!

A Fishy Tale

A day down on the racing rivers bank. Choices, pleasure, or specimen, huge flash as pike jumps for the sky? Carp roll, then sucking at the flies, choices, specimen or pleasure? Bream rolling a mighty shoal, decision made, ground bait mixed,  table laid, all set up, cast, first bream played. Twenty more filled the net, a decision well made. An hour plus had past, the bream, appetites sedated. Those in the net freed, were definitely elated.

Casting glances to far bank,  possible pike spots located. Tackle changed, wire trace, a tempting lure attached. Casting covered all the swims but, nowt, now feeling deflated. A little walk upstream, another swim detected. One cast and, in, a forty minute battle, it was a sight, a tail walking pike, in its effort to spit the lure.  O yes good fortune blessed me this day, a forty pounder, a family meal,  bit bony, but tasty, we all agreed.

pike wary

lure sparkling flashy

tasty baked


Esox lucius1.jpg
Northern Pike – Esox lucius



© Mick Talbot 2o17



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