A Haiku Tanka Comment

Inspired by

Ari Purkayastha

Composed by

Mick Talbot
dew drops silent tears
where waters scarce salvation
evolutions real
you felt loneliness
grab nature hold to your heart
now you’re friend for life
feel natures presence
you will never be alone
dew drops keep secretes
i have knelt down too
talked to nature asking what
before i did i knew
i cried love poured down
now in the grip of nature
the dew was my love
nature knew you would find me
i heard you call out my name
it wont be the same
the world now carries my love
it was my last deed
tis down to you your love mine
set free to nurture mankind
now do not be scared
let nature take both your hands
it will show you how
to spread our love create peace
bringing life back from the brink
damm, dreaming again
so aspiring thoughts dreams are
wishing they come true
© Mick Talbot

Ari Purkayastha


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