Gardens | Haibun

Gardens, vast expanses of verdant flora. Coloured blooms, majestic trees,  statues   displaying ones perception of inorganic beauty, with regard to the living. Ponds, ere lakes, streams, should size allow. Venues, gardens of greater stature, might import fauna, deer, sheep or, exotic beasts, lamas, peacocks, true eye candy. Macro gardens, windowsills, a jardinière, all can beauty display, even add to a restaurants menu, a special treat. Raised gardens, sunken, rock, all abide where space exist and, when one can find the time. Roof tops, balconies, conservatories, all with horticultural expectations. Nurseries, greenhouses too, where life can start, yet gardens in their own right.

grass mown blanket laid
picnic rain delays clown juggling
water music drifts your way

Allotments, gardens, which saved Great Britain from starvation. Nation wide the call was heard, “Dig to survive!” and,  dig they did. Communities pulling together, growing vegetables, fruit and, raising livestock for the table. Trapping, netting, also took place, it was when wood pigeon, rabbit and, depending where, deer became the  favoured taste. Times have changed, allotments not, to get one now, not so easy, waiting lists drive some to crime. All are, in these modern days, behind locked gates. How long folk will stick to growing flower, guess that’s down to new clear powers.

bacon for breakfast
allotments can deliver
pays to till the soil

© Mick Talbot 2017

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