My Daily Haiku #14a | POETRY CHALLENGE#3: 27 November-10 December


steps with out form void
ones taken when on our way
heaven hell cant say
steps that lead
throw the lead live a free life
make your own
steps that aid
transcending lifting hearts
your journey
steps I take
natures way to resolve hate
open mind
no more pray
for nature near collapsing
it needs help
new clear steps
cant he see a pun
Trump blind man
lets us climb the steps
darkness calls us to slumber
natures not a dream
is it time to take
steps to far to contemplate
can will nature wait

damp steps wait
slow down your to speedy gait
the sun dries
loving dance steps
nightingale singing magic
tunes till dawn

got to end
my life is out of strong steps
where’s my stick


© Mick Talbot 2017

POETRY CHALLENGE#3: 27 November-10 December


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  1. Anna Cottage says:

    Why is the President Elect Trump to blame for every single thing people don’t agree with?

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  2. Mick Talbot says:

    That’s not true even bad folk have their good points but as President of the USA, no. the man had no qualifications for the job, to me that is enough. Why do you think Putin favours him? I think Trump definitely shows his business dictatorial manner, which he thinks he can apply to a democracy, not going to work. The mans a racist, sexist, egotistical maniac, and tells lies, 4 good reasons why folk blame him for whatever. I mean, (if it is him), using Facebook what’s that ,all about? Remember the majority of people who put in power were working class, they are already being overlooked, climate warming he’s in denial on that one. As President elect he has become a world problem, do you think he is going to be any different if he is inaugurated:? You asked the question, my replies are not my answers apart from one, the rest is how I see the world reacting and of course the USA. My personal answer is the fact he is an egotistical maniac, a man that in civilian life let nothing get in his way, how far he took things only the skeletons in his probably nuclear bomb proof cupboards could tell. O how I would love for him to turn out to be the worlds salvation and, the only way I can see that happening is if he stands down. This man can only loose if he is assassinated or a nuclear war happens, anything else then he is a winner.

    Still love ya, Mick

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  3. Anna Cottage says:

    I don’t know what your politics are Mick. I detested Thatcher, but do you know I had to admit at the end she did good. She made this Country powerful again, proud. Perhaps we should wait and see what “they” can do. Enough Politics, we have ourselves to worry over. Mick I, or rather my youngest Son for a year now has purchased books belonging to the late Poet Rod McKuen for me, somewhere in one of the boxes, I have – I am waiting ages for my eldest Son to put my new Bookcase up for me – a Japanese book Rod had on “Haiku” I will look it up.

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  4. Anna Cottage says:

    I know how annoyed you are and you seem to have hatred for Donald Trump, I don’t understand how you can hate someone you will never know. You hate what he stands for, but people voted for that, they had a right Mick and it was their choice. Don’t let’s fall out, please let us remain friends, I like having someone who has done so much who can teach me. I was bullied last year on here and eventually my Sons made me stop getting involved, since then I have met so many different people on here, thats yourself included. I hope that Trump will never be in that situation of “Assassination”, there would be immense trouble in America if that were the case. I value your friendship. Lets agree to disagree. Love, Anna.

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    1. Mick Talbot says:

      Dearest Anna,
      You have totally misunderstood, I don’t hate anyone, I might not like what they stand for, and the actions some take but hate them, no. As for Trump, he is already letting his voters down if were to believe the media. I don’t know if got see his public verbal attack on an old farmer who refused to sell his land, which was preventing Mr T from developing a golf course somewhere in Scotland. I hasten to add, which was backed by the powers that be by virtue of monetary help for something.(cant remember, not sure but it might of been something to do with roads?). My main concern and, many others, was the fact that a scarce wildlife habitat was going to destroyed. Mr T’s answer to that, was, he was turning an eyesore into eye candy” something along those lines. Anyway with backing of a paid off officials he got his way, all down to bribery and bulling. It was a big issue at the time. Hoping I have cleared the hate bit up, as for the rest I did make the point that he was the voters choice, and by what I pick up via the media, not my opinions. What scares me is looking at his past history and, the reported daily events. It would appear he has a lot of top brass very worried. I can only go by what I hear, read and, see.

      I am grateful for your friendship too Anna, but fail to understand why you think me a bully or I am reading to much into what your saying. Seriously Anna you are one of the few that I have been able to spill my whole life event out to and I pray that it will continue that way, as a loving friendship. Take care and hurry and dig that book on Haiku out, hugs,


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  5. Anna Cottage says:

    When did I say you were a bully to me, I never said that and I am hurt that you think I even thought that of you. What I said was I was bullied last year on the internet, and someone who would correspond with this person same time as me would come to my defense. I was very fond of this individual and thought highly of him but he was causing me so much hurt, my Sons kept saying they would block him if I did not stop following him, I think they were fed up of seeing me crying (yes I am soft, can’t help it). In the end I had words with him and stopped responding. Thats how I am so much happier and then met “Mick” on line. Now we may not agree on certain things but we are grown up and that should not affect our Friendship should it?

    You have used the word hate Mick and when people do, maybe they don’t mean it when they address it to someone but to me I just don’t like it or understand it, maybe its because I grew up with such words around me.

    I know all about the Golf Course bit, there was a programme here on tv about it, you must have seen it but mainly because of Alex Salmond, who was head of SNP I think, perhaps you can let me know if I have that wrong. The corruption of Salmond, yes I know how disgracefully the old Crofter was treated, he dug his toes in and I think he is still there, good for him. I am not stupid Mick I know what Trump is like, no one makes that kind of money without corruption of some sort, Branson all the rest they do not have clean hands.

    No one mentions the fact that Fords have pulled out of Mexico and brought the jobs back, as Trump promised. Goodness sake if Trump ended Terrorism, gave America full employment, made them so rich again, made America the Superpower once more, put Putin in his place, they still would not give credit to Trump. You have to give the man a chance, damn it that Obama had 8 long years what did he do Nothing!!

    The people who were neglected saw someone who was not a Politician, they saw Hope they saw a chance for a decent life again to support their Families. You cannot deny these people what they voted for, and I am not saying you are, but I have had it said to me exactly that, utter stupidity. Its like the fact Brexit won and because of that those people who voted that way find themselves called Racist – I know because I have been called that. 41 years ago when we entered the EU I voted No to it I did not go out on the streets protest, spit at people dig my toes in act the bully, yet this is what happened, this is still the attitude with some, “you voted out you are a racist”.

    When someone like Meryl Streep says what she did, does she not see what a hypocrite she is, is she in denial that Clinton is as corrupt. Clinton was responsible for the deaths in that Embassy. Look at her emails. Look at the corruption she and the old man play down. What about old Bill, people now dismiss he is an accused Rapist, he is sex mad, he had sex countless times in the Oval Office, never mind that dress. No one mentions the fact that Clint Eastwood is a great admirer of Trump has some connection with a Golf Course near where Clint lives. The one thing that stands out to me about Clinton and Trum is one word that one of them used which I find to be utterly disgusting and that is when that corrupt woman Clinton told the people of America who were voting for Trump that they were “DEPLORABLES” her own people, says it all about her.

    Let me end, let’s talk about your beautiful photography, nature, animals anything but Politics. I will look out that book this afternoon, promise, you take care and I am honoured you have opened out to me as you have, I am an open book Mick – with love, Anna.

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