Twittering Tales #12 – 10 January 2017 #2

Twittering Tales




the sun setting framed

by a silhouette façade

trees a humpback bridge

water grey a lake maybe

person out walking their dog


early evening

dusk conceals natures wonders

sun setting red sky

a quack a duck hoot an owl

silhouettes black sublime



 biggest one you’ll see

sol eclipse


© Mick Talbot 2017

Twittering Tales #12 – 10 January 2017 #2


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  1. Anna Cottage says:

    Mick, I have just found the book of Haiku it is the personal copy of the late Poet Rod McKuen that I purchased (or rather my Son did), the book is called “Raising The Moon Vines” Original Haiku in English – Gerald Robert Vizenor. I am just about to get the Dinner, so if I don’t get a chance later, I will print some tomorrow, or maybe one of my Sons took take a pic of the book for here. Love, Anna.

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    1. Mick Talbot says:

      Nice one, thanks Anna…

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  2. Anna Cottage says:

    Stay safe, we have just been informed that we can expect an extremely high tide tonight, very high winds and lots of flooding – great really need that. I hope you will ok where you live, and believe it or not my youngest Son has just taken our dog for a walk down to the “front” the Promenade to see the Sea, “Stay Warm” Mick.

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    1. Mick Talbot says:

      Your right about the wind it finish my dead eucalyptus, winter of 2010/11 killed with -21℃. It lasted till today the has blown what looks 2 trunks down, one destroying next doors shed, the other one went the other way and is laying in/on a scots pine. Sawing the whole lot down tomorrow, Hope your son got back safely and staying warm is a priority, keep warm yourself. Hope sea stays where ts meant to be. Catch you later, Mick

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  3. Anna Cottage says:

    So sorry to hear about all the damage. Say inside from those high winds.

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    1. Mick Talbot says:

      Went for an evening walk, 100 meters, wind chill sent me back home. Waiting for daylight to reveal all.

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  4. Anna Cottage says:

    Let me know how you got on, I dread any damage don’t you. My Son came back from his walk with Daisy, there was no high tide as they said and apparently it felt quite mild out there. Right now, dreadful rain high winds here. My Son tripped when out with Daisy last night, and his foot is very swollen right now.

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    1. Mick Talbot says:

      Sorry to hear about your sons accident, glad he and Daisy got back home to the safety of a nice warm home. As for the damage caused by the wind felled trunk, minor, a small dent. However we getting what’s left removed, (sad to say).


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