A Haiku Tanka Reply

Haiku Tanka Reply


your path once narrow
now it has opened your eyes
the twists and turns
do they hold any lies
are they your what ifs
no aspersions cast
what ifs are everyone’s past
straight and narrow
the path were choice had no part
my childhood was broken
what if
life’s missed opportunities
regrets not many
take the bull by its horns
stop looking into the past
what if i did that
not why didn’t i do it
questions no answers
leave the past to history
love life for the now
as a child
choices were many
right or wrong
present regrets none
happiness thriving
love yourself
your family all kin
respect the past
love your work
your employer too
trust yourself
© Mick Talbot 2017

Inspired by E + W

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