Haibun | Boultham Park Forays


Boultham Park Forays


My forays in Boultham park often filled with wonder. Ere don’t forget wonders found in many guises. A rapid tapping, not to loud, a lesser woodpecker seeking lunch or, a mate enticing. Yet still persisting and getting louder a lone drummer out in the wood practicing. Surprised no not I, far stranger things I have encountered. One early morn just entering a woodland glade, a table laid for breakfast, a group of folk attired in a bygone fashion. I had to enquire as what was going on and, may I have consent to take photographs else no one would believe me. Permission given followed by an account not beyond my comprehension. It was a fantasy played out at the request of a young lady who as a university student was reading bygone history. All sorted, I was on my way to the river not to far, nearly there when my nostrils gleaned a putrid aroma, dead flesh, a swan not long departed and, what made it worse, a lump in my throat ensued, as an arrow from it protruded. Moving on to another day, a water rail, two days it hung around, then spotted by a peregrine, which in turn was spotted by a dog, which took the rail, i got its head. All true events, some sad some fun, until another day my writings done.


wishing for a shooting star
far away places


© Mick Talbot


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