My Daily Haiku | In single line format Monoqu – #17

Eclectic Design author unknown


Eclectic Mick


many things are hated, evil endorsed, crimes against humanity

nature battered relentlessly,  guilty party, all humanity

flora supports all known life, microbes, giants, left alone we all survive

does flora have senses, if not, why self defence, power of reason

flora power of reason beyond humans comprehension then why

algae plus fungi equals lichen, symbiotic relationships

lichen is a composite organism nether flora or fauna

important to life on earth, its survival, removes CO2, says it all

sustenance for some fauna, ask Santa Clause’s reindeer red nose Rudolf

lichens not parasites, only use plants as substrate, adds attraction

digression easily led, guilty, natures path, broad, no where to hide

happiness not found in tree branches, in its roots, seek and, ye shall find

my tears of love tumble down my cheeks, shattering dreams, exploding hope

lost, my heart seeks a love, for decades was undaunted, a betrayed faith

young, searching life’s mysteries, meandering natures paths, enlightened

aged still seeking answers, perpetual peace, why still denied them

© Mick Talbot 2017


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