My Daily Haiku #16 #2

Haiku – Senryu



walking down my street
friendly faces some are not
brexit hidden fears
gardening respite
a moment free no pressure
lay back enjoy life
suns rays exposed
misty ragged clouds reveal
beaming filtered light
distance closeness
not measuring how far
feel me kiss my lips


silk life unravelled
now threadbare on bobbins wound
life spurned for the loom
butterflies a sight
once thousands gone not clever
habitat abused
amber orange glows
tree sap as old as life
trinkets on a beach
fossils o so old
nature past when it was bold
to its self succumbed

see that mayfly gone
flesh to flesh fish life sustained
river life balanced
human life one day
from egg to procreation
instinct would prevail
I open my heart
my poetry words set free
bird song wordless joy
nature conducting in time
concertos unscored

bullfrogs croaking base
jenny wrens the melody
hark the world in tune
kangaroos boxing
duckbilled platypus mix up
nature having fun
river calm and smooth
not a sound waters clear
barn owls silent search
scent drifts through the glade
aroma therapy sooths
relaxing tension

wistfully thinking
a hunter gathers dream
a hearty supper
© Mick Talbot 2017



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