Monarch Butterfly Milkweed Garden 101

We should all have butterfly gardens!


A short tutorial about starting your very own Milkweed Monarch Butterfly Garden


How to have a successful Monarch pollinator Milkweed Patch.

Milkweed with Monarch Buttefly (Danaus plexippus) Milkweed with Monarch Buttefly (Danaus plexippus)

Milkweeds are herbaceous perennials which grow about 1 meter (three feet) tall. The plants will bloom with clustered flowers over the summer growing season. Nature Saskatchewan says that five species of milkweed grow in Saskatchewan.

  • Low milkweed, (early milkweed, dwarf milkweed or oval-leafed milkweed) Asclepias ovalifolia grow 20 to 50 cm high ( to 20 inches), in sandy soil are common in moist mixed grasslands and along the edges of Aspen parklands and will tolerate sun and partial shade. Dwarf Milkweed blooms between May and June with a white, creamy color flower head.
  • Showy milkweed, Asclepias Speciosa found in mixed grasslands, with pink and white fragrant flower globular umbels. These plants grow to about 90 cm (35 inches)in height and feature large…

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