Twittering Tales #14 – 24 January 2017


Twittering Tanka Tales

Sheep Wise
from a sheep view point
looking down the cliff side
trekker’s not climbers
all should stick to the footpaths
leave cliffs to those who know best
Characters: 140

Life On The Moor
life on the moor free
heed roadside warnings sheep
the wrath of a ram
the ewe’s more placid by far
watch for red grouse eye candy
Characters:  125

Look For The Woollies
jumpers sweaters tops
all gone synthetic flops
look for the woollies
sheep running free on the land
make sure you don’t get fleeced
Characters: 127

Rescues On Demand
to be a shepherd
ere my crook always to hand
rescues on demand
be it sheep lambs or trekkers
dog my best friend helping hand
Characters; 120
© Mick Talbot 2017

Twittering Tales #14 – 24 January 2017


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