Graceful Misty, grandmother to TC depicted below. We did have the mother to TC, Suki daughter of Misty. Misty met a horrific end, November 5th 2007, she tortured had her big bushy tail chopped off, thrown on the bonfire, from which she managed to jump clear of. The next morning she found dead, or killed, put in a bin liner which was thrown in a local stream. I never actually got to see Suki in the state she was reported to be in. I was informed by a young child who was present but who was unable, or to scared to give me names. It was reported to the authorities but nothing came of it. All very sad, the wife and myself were devastated. I made local inquiries, but nobody knew, supposedly, nothing about it. I do have some images somewhere online, but haven’t found them yet. So until I do an image of TC, the granddaughter of Misty, as seen below.



Daily  Post Photo Challenge  Graceful

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