Ragwort Tanka|Flower of the Day

SEASONS  The photos depict the seasons, captioned in English and Japanese. I have attempted to incorporate the appropriate Japanese, English translations into my ‘Tanka’. Please, if I have done wrong, hopefully someone will let me know, thanks in advance. The images used are courtesy of Wikipedia. authors will be credited in a footnote. Common Ragwort…


Filipendula ulmaria, or meadowsweet as it is commonly known. However names such as Queen of the Meadow, Pride of the Meadow, Meadow-Wort, Meadow Queen, Lady of the Meadow, Dollof, Meadsweet, and Bridewort were also chosen. Self seeded, in damp meadows, and stream banks in great, and small stands it will be found growing.

Fatsia japonica

In Bloom By I, Drow male, CC BY-SA 3.0 My Specimen Albeit a variegated cultivar, it being in bloom is a first for me. How days growth is involved in getting it to this stage has strangely gone unbelievably unnoticed by me until to day. I walk past this plant anything up to 20 times a…

Sun Days Flower

Sunflower Only the second time I’ve seen this variety, reminds me of a total eclipse. Click image for larger view. Flower Of The Day

Flower of the Day 6th October 2016

Flower of the Day – Cone flower No idea what it is, seen in a neighbours garden. Like to grow it in my garden but not even the guy who’s garden it  was in could give me a name, HELP, please. My thanks to Cee for her help, for more interesting reading please click here,…