Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #130 Spin&Water

Spin & Water …………………………. Racing Tides whirlpools spin water vortex boats beware racing tides … Mississippi Trip old paddle steamers spin water making waves Mississippi trip … Viennese Waltz a fleckle spin graceful Viennese waltz Danube water fun … Water Fight spin out of control canoes rapid water fight rafters in denial … Water Rapids…

Carpe Diem – find the silence #30

could it be the last the sound that could cost much life eternal silence ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Carpe Diem – find the silence #30 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ the last the end done a long and silenced pleasure thirty haiku’s yes

My Art | Water Color |Tanka|Poem

Lake Malawi Cichlid Feelings  | Tanka art exposed feelings revealing open to you hope its appealing please no concealing critiques good indifferent but true Poem | Feelings Art, exposed feelings, revealing, open to you, hope its appealing! Hope its appealing, please no concealing critiques, good, indifferent, but true. Protect Mother Earth | Tanka|Poem Protect Mother…

Lake Malawi Non Mbuna

Non Mbuna I’ve always referred to non Mbuna cichlids as Utaka, this is incorrect, please check “What are Utaka” for more information.